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  1. Cultural and historic tour around Skopje

This tour includes all the major cultural and historic monuments in Skopje from BC to AD. Visit of old bridges, churches, mosques, the fortress, Memorial House of Mother Teresa, archaeological sites and modern sites. A tour through the Old Bazaar and tasting traditional Macedonian food and Macedonian wine or beer.

                   This tour is about 3:00 hours long

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Best Seasons:Jan - December
Popular Location:Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola, Berovo

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4 x 4 Adventure Tour

4 x 4 Adventure Tour

We offer to travel to the one of the most beautiful highland region in Macedonia. Whit this tour Outdoor  Adventure Macedonia would like to offer something cool, also to those visitors who would like an active tour but don’t want…

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    Easy Hiking Tour

    Easy Hiking Tour

    One-day hiking tours in the Skopje area Vodno-Matka, only Vodno or only Matka, the monasteries with a combination of kayaking to Vrelo The mountain tour Vodno- Matka is an easy mountain tour suitable for people of all ages and for…

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